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Check Off Before You Take Off

Friday,23 Feb 2018

Travelling to certain places or even touring the world is a common feature in everybody's bucket list today. And with the world becoming more accessible, everybody has at least a few yearly trips to various places planned systematically around the busy schedules. However, these trips are planned in between breaks and vacations and when it comes to packing, the luggage is most often packed in a hurry as we don't get enough time to pack and prepare for the minute details. But this process becomes easier if there's a foolproof checklist on hand before you leave for your holiday. Here are a few tips to make sure that you have all the essentials in your travel bag that will ensure that you have no worries when you reach your destination and have a great trip.

When we travel, we tend to take along a lot of unnecessary stuff while we forget to take many essentials sometimes. Decide on a suitcase or a bag that you want to carry based on how many days and how many things that you may need to take. A lot of unnecessary baggage results in inconvenience in mobility and handling all the extra luggage results into stress when you’re actually looking to de-stress. Hence it is always better to pack as per the number of days and what events and activities are scheduled during the trip as well as keep space in the bag for what you may happen to buy there. A great pro-tip while packing is that instead of folding your clothes like you regularly would, roll them neatly to ensure extra space in the bag and limit the number of bags to one or two along with a handbag.

One of the most important aspects of planning for a trip is making sure that all your essentials are in place. Carry your toiletries as well as products such as a sunscreen and moisturizer depending on the weather of the place you are going to. Keep a separate pouch for your sunglasses, hair accessories and a separate pouch for makeup as well.

Be prepared for all worst case scenarios as well. You never know if you could bruise yourself while hiking or have an upset tummy on your food trails in the local areas of the place. So keep a first aid kit handy as it will help you tremendously and in no time will you be as fit as a fiddle again. The basic things that you must include are band-aids, cotton, antiseptic cream/liquid, your basic over the counter pills for headaches and upset tummies. And in case you are on prescribed medication be sure to take those medicines for those many days.

You never know where you may need identification, so always carry your passports and visas and IDs such as driver’s licences, professional cards, credit cards/debit cards etc. Along with their copies in a special wallet or a small bag or pouch. If you are a student, don’t forget to carry your student IDs as you may be surprised at the number of places that give student discounts.

Always carry your mobile phones along with their chargers wherever you go as well as a digital camera. It’s also better to carry spare batteries or a power bank. And if you plan to go on nature trails or hiking, carry an Mp3 player along with a torch. If you are a reader you must carry your tablet or a kindle to keep you company.

While you may not be allowed to carry along a lot of food, always keep things like chocolate bars or protein bars handy in your handbag. This will help even while you’re exploring the place, especially if it’s an area where there might not be many shops or food stores or even restaurants nearby.

(As Compiled by Prerna Mistry)

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