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Summer 2018: Skincare Essentials

Monday,19 Mar 2018 07:03 PM IST

By Prerna Mistry

Every season our skin goes through many changes and the summer is no different. Our skin can tan, burn, break out, get oily or dry out and the effect of the same even depends on our skin type and how well we maintain our skins as well. As the seasons differ, so does our skincare routine. Besides, skincare routine during the summer has to be foolproof to ensure that your skin stays healthy, radiant and help you avoid damaging your skin in any way as well as enable you to have a perfect summer!

  • Sunscreen:

...Or anything that has SPF! The skin on your face is much more delicate, thin and sensitive than your body, hence you must use a tinted moisturiser with SPF for your face in order to brighten your face as well as avoid tanning. Besides, use a lotion with sunscreen for your body, to keep your skin supple and soft.

  • Cleanser:

During the summer, our skins tend to be the most sensitive and due to the heat, there is a lot of oil formation on the skin due to all the sweating that happens during those hot days. What results is not just an oily face as it also attracts dust and germs which accelerate breakouts and other skin allergies. Therefore it is vital to use a good yet mild cleanser that not only cleans your face, but doesn’t dry it out as well. Also, select a cleanser as per your needs and skin type as well.

  • Toners:

Toning is a very crucial step in any skincare regime, but is more often than not, neglected. After we cleanse our face, our pores open up because of which it is necessary to tone as it closes the pores avoiding any bacteria to seep deep into our skin. Generally toners are alcohol based which further dry out your skin leading to excess oil formation as well. Choose an alcohol free and preferably all natural toner to not only help you with those pores, but benefit your skin as well.

  • Moisturisers:

Moisturisers in summers? Sounds bizarre right? Moisturising is an extremely vital step in skincare, be it any season as you can have oily skin but still lack water. The summer sun can both dehydrate and damage the skin which also causes premature aging as well and so a moisturizer is important to use for protection from the same as it improves the elasticity of the skin.

  • Night-time Routines:

Night-time skincare routines are the most important step to ensuring that you have flawless skin all year round. Use skin oils or serums for ensuring that your skin is deeply moisturised and organic serums and oils also have added benefits that heal your skin from within as well. Besides, using face packs or sheet masks are also extremely beneficial to the skin.

  • Face Mists and Food:

To beat the heat, invest in face mists to cool your skin or make your own using water, aloe vera gel and cucumber juice/ rose water. You could also add essential oils which not only help your skin, but also smell great. Apart from this, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine as well as eating foods such as watermelons, peaches, pineapples to keep yourself and your skin cool for the summer!

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