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Whom shall I call Appa….

Monday,22 Jan 2018

Day thirteen they said,

shanti homam they said,

your father's soul is on its way they said

You did all you could as a family they said


How do we learn to live with the void he has left I ask

Who do we call when there's that word of advice we need

Did we do everything to make him comfortable as he did for us all his life I wonder

Who will call me Sunitha in his voice

Whom shall I call Appa...


He taught us to take on the world with confidence

So what if we were the so called weaker sex

He was a champion of women and not a person in need was turned away from his doorstep

He showed us the value of friendships

The joy of shared laughter and sweet secrets

It's evident in the way His friends swear by him

It's evident in the affection they showered on him


To do right by people, no matter what the circumstances

And to learn from challenges, indeed rise above them!

To keep faith in the power above

Plan, organise, preempt and succeed were his mantras

You could set the clock by his time

Come rain, hail or sunshine


Every shirt in his wardrobe lined up like soldiers

Meticulous to the T, impeccably turned out in his sharply pressed clothes

His presence was the highlight of every occasion

The quick wit and great sense of humor drew a laugh from even crusty old men

More of a friend to his granddaughters and sons in law

Mentor, advisor, buddy and the world's best father to my sister and I


He lived by a code that made bigger men salute him

Colleagues loved him, he had a kind word for anyone who met him

He lived for my mother, lived up to the promise given to his father in law

He made her independent, and her happiness came first in his book


Other people have envied him for his prowess in the kitchen

As for us we used to wait for the Wednesday when he cooked for us

He would entertain us for hours with stories of adventures from his youth

Each one had a nugget of wisdom in them


His values and morals are what we carry forward

Our every action a reflection of his teachings

It will get easier with time they say

At least he didn't suffer too much they say

He had a good life they say

But as I close my eyes every day

These questions repeat themselves in my mind

Who will call me Sunitha in his voice

Whom shall I call Appa….

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Deepa Prasad

2 year(s) ago

Beautifully written article. Very Touching.???????? Reply

The leela

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