June    2023

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We keep our eyes open, and an ear to the ground.

The one-shop news portal to keep you abreast of happenings around you – local, national, international.


To empower readers with information and knowledge, accurately. Untainted by preconceived notions or bias.

We firmly believe in the dictum, facts are sacred, a comment is free. Credibility is our virtue and religion.


Media is a powerful medium that influences public opinion. It molds our thoughts, aspirations, expectations, frustrations, happiness, and sorrow.

Technological advances have enabled an unencumbered flow of news and analyses at a rapid pace. The explosion of smartphones and digital media have shattered barriers and opened up vistas for the layperson to become a citizen journalist or participant with easy access to pen and comment on a real-time basis.

Like in many sectors, technological breakthroughs in the media have been disruptive. Newspapers are no more the primary purveyor of news for most people. Readership for all hues of printed publications across the world has tumbled, while viewers for entertainment, sports, travel and food shows on TVs and the Internet have soared.

The biggest gainer from this upheaval is social media such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to name a few. Most people – from leading politicians, corporate honchos, and policymakers to the younger brigade, workers, and housemaids – are wired into social media at all times. Today, digital media is the primary source of news.

There is one serious casualty, however – CREDIBILITY. Fake news abounds in social media as hearsay, orchestrated campaigns and outright lies replace hardcore reporting and fact-checking that was deeply rooted in traditional media.


Media Eye makes a difference by ensuring all news on its portal is factually correct. Every item goes through vigorous checks for accuracy before they are uploaded. Our faith rests on our credibility. It is our gospel.

We staunchly believe in objective analysis of events, putting matters into context and explaining the pros and cons succinctly.

Our portal offers a fresh and informed perspective, free of rhetoric and cynicism. Unfortunate events such as political wrangling, celebrity scandals, natural disasters, and accidents that cause many deaths usually garner an overwhelming share of news in the media. At Media Eye, we scrupulously also chase feel-good stories from all walks of life that bring cheer.

Besides throwing up thought-provoking ideas for people that matter like lawmakers and policymakers, bureaucrats, industry captains, fund managers, investors, and all hues of readers, our strength lies in answering the “what’s next” question. Our well-rounded portal provides the reader vital insights to stay ahead and look intelligent.

A comprehensively rich content media portal, which caters for all walks of life.


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