April    2021

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To empower the people of India with knowldege and information to keep them ahead


In driving the next change in our society through unparelled reporting and unbaised information

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Our commitment is towards our community which serves as our inspiration and motivation to work harder every day to bring groundbreaking news to all our readers. Our commuity binds us and spread across India we strive to reach out to all classes and categories of people.

At Media Eye, we exist to make communities stronger. We inform them, equip them, guide them and push the boundaries of what content is, how it's experienced and used.

This commitment requires that we serve communities on all fronts, in some familiar ways and some new ways. We will continue to foster deep and vital connections between the members of our communities and the world around them. We strive to connect people on the content platform.

 We not only will give people content that's informative, fun and engaging, but also give them a way to engage with the content of their choosing. With the modern age technology at hand we are working every day to make content user friendly and interactive to maximise the potential of the knowledge at hand.

To do this, we are equipped with:

A re imagined new organisation with a pan India presence.

Content binded on the same platform wherin print and digital media can interconnect at one level

Our effort to spread our reach and enter new horizons with the aim of bringing about a change

One culture, built on the extraordinary talent of our people, far more unified and nimble than ever before.

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News that matters

Company profile

Media Eye is a leading online news media and marketing company with unparalleled local-to-national reach, successfully connecting consumers, communities and businesses. We provide rich content through digital and print products.

Utilizing innovations in technology, digital media and print publishing, our 360° storytelling is offered in the digital markets all across the globe. From local townships to the national stage, we keep readers informed with what interests them and with what is relevant. We strive to bring a sense of inter connect across all communities of India.

Media Eye plans to carve a niche that gives an insight and cutting edge to people that matter; a gospel for politicians, bureaucrats and corporate leaders who wants to bring about changes. The monthly tabloid, manned by journalists with more than two decades of experience, will provide news, opinions and analysis wrapped in 20 pages of innovative design.

Our Strength:

Andrews W  Salim  (Editor at large)

Andrews W  Salim  , is  a post-graduate in Economics &  Management with about three decades of professional experience in Market research,  Economic & financial writing, Industry analysis  and corporate management. He had been associated with industry leaders like Economic Times Mumbai, Capitalmarket.com, Sahara India TV, Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX Ltd) , Bombay Dyeing Mfg. Ltd etc., holding positions of  Research Associate & writer, Chief Industry Analyst, Business Editor, Chief Economist & Vice President,  Lead Economist & G M, respectively.

He is an astute financial and economic observer of India with excellent command over the securities and derivative market. An avid learner who constantly updates his knowledge base, Mr. Andrews is the owner of a curious mind with ever-expanding mental horizon.

With the leadership of Mr. Andrews, Journalists, having experience of more than two decades in the newspaper industry, form the backbone of the new venture.


The Media Eye community is stepping boldly into a new chapter, more resourceful, more diverse and more assured than ever. And we will be there for every community in all of the places that matter, focused on the things they care about, who they connect with and how they grow.

Few of our reputed clients are Leela Group of Hotels, Leela Business Park, Platinum Group of Healthcare / Hospitals, Hari Ocean Links (Clearing & Forwarding), Shoba Builders & Developers (Realtors), etc. 

Media Eye being a new eenterprise is striving to further its goals with the help of other industry experts in the market and one of them being Sequence Media Pvt Ltd. Media Eye news is working in collaboration and partnership with Sequence in order to garner more eye balls and get access to the ever increasing reader base. Sequence will help us reach our target auidence by maximising our time resource and help us understand the current requirements of the market  as to how nees is percieved and applied to by the readers and the audience.

Here is a hollistic overview of our new partners who will help us breakthrough the bussiness of bringing you news:

About us:

With an experienced team of experts and coordinators, our team promises to help make events seamless and productive for all our clients. We help organize events such as exhibitions, conferences and other events where dealers can meet potential clients and helping businesses of all kinds of grow in size and quality. We strive to meet all requirements of our clients and in some cases if required we do involve well-known names and faces from varied industries to give a touch of panache to our events.

Services provided by us:

Web content development

Customized Facebook, Twitter page

Blog creation and development

Branding and advertising of event

Complete responsibility for the implementation and conducting the event

Customized Public relation portfolio, suitable for all event types as dictated by nature of event

Good network circuit with known celebrity names

Publishing and content development

Media network for best coverage in all mediums: print, digital and broadcasWe help our clients create, design and publish advertisements to help broadcast the event in question in order to maximize the presence through advertisements first and later through press notes which are sent to maximum number of newspapers across the city in concern.

Our advertising professionals make sure that the ads created speak for the event in order to bring out the highlights for the targeted audience. Any special requirement of the client is well considered before the final draft is passed and mindfully within the stipulated budget set for every event according to the requirement of the clients.

Till date we have dealt with all kind of clients right from veterans to start up companies and we try to make sure that all requirements are met for optimum effect.

To effectively manage the budget we offer our clients the option of bundled ads wherein all advertising solutions are available at best market prices along with advertising solutions.

We strive to remain honest with our services and always satisfy the requirements of our clients in reaching out to their customer base, further enhancing their business potential. While we offer all kind of advertising services and solution, true to our customer first approach we do not charge for the creative drafting of our advertising.

We offer our best services with the hope that every customer we deal with remembers us for good and returns to us for more events.

Welcome to sequence:

Sequence Communication Pvt Ltd has been around serving clients across the city of Mumbai with distinction and a measure of satisfaction. We would life to think of our selves as one of the leading voices in the media marketing and advertising. We offer services in print, electronic, social networking and broadcasting advertising along with offering services for creating of specific campaigns along with Public relations.

Our unique integrated communication model is one of the best in the market for delivering short, sharp and effective campaigns aimed at interacting and communicating with a particular customer/ client base.

Our media relations, advertising and communication helps our clients communicate about their product or services in the best possible manner wherein the nature and potential of he service can be best advertised for our clients. We help disseminate information effectively within a controlled budget by applying all the tools of media available to us.

It is a testament to our hard work and efficiency that we have steadily expanded our customer base and served the likes of some of the biggest names in the industry some of them being; LIC housing finance, HDFC bank, RLB bank,  State Bank of Patiala, Federal Bank, Kotak Securities, Goderej Corporation bank amongst other stalwarts from across the industry.

Our methods of working involving all platforms of communication, some of them being:

Print Media: print media helps create a solid foundation for all other communication modes to work better. It helps build on the credibility of our clients, since print with its long history of being one of the pioneers in mass communication.Sequence has its own strong network of media persons and with its vast base we help our clients build on their credentials and reaching out to their target audience.  We help crate a positive vibe for our clients to work with.

Outdoor media: For a city as large and spread out as Mumbai, outdoor media works best in spreading the word for our clients. Outdoor media helps in communicating with more people in maximum time without wasting out on the potential of our advertisements, which are aimed at attracting audience eyeballs. We specialize in hoardings, wall art, transportation circuits such as airport; railway stations and bus stand areas are also used to put advertisings. Our creative designers work towards creating concepts, which work best according to the medium of outdoor media.

Our specialists in Search Engine Optimizer will further help our clients with their online presence as their’ s will be the first names to pop up any time a related relevant search online is conducted.