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Billionaires Got Hacked!

Monday,25 February 2019 07:09 AM IST


Getting hacked is one of the biggest nightmares anyone can ever have. Hacking is a very general phenomenon nowadays as we see professionals and government websites get hacked. Even Billionaires cannot escape from these hackers.

Recently Amazon Founder and CEO-Jeff Bezos's personal account got hacked revealing some below the belt selfies. Mark Johnson, CEO of Sovereign Intelligence says “Personal details of these ultra-wealthy people are like gold mine for Hackers. As they can use that information to get almost anything from them which includes mostly money.”

He even said, “Billionaires and CEO’s give huge importance to their company’s security but they ignore even basic security features for themselves.”

Times have changed when security used to be Bodyguards and Home Security, As more and more personal and financial data is stored online. The importance of security has shifted more online as compared to offline. Many Software companies and Startups have more relied on other Intelligence Agencies for their Security because third-party observers/agencies are seen to provide better security protection against hackers.

This Incident proves that no matter who you are, your online data is at risk. Its always better to secure your passwords and be updated with the latest security features.

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