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Maharashtra will remain as No.1: CM Fadnavis

Saturday,16 March 2019 09:46 AM IST

MUMBAI: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has said that the Nagpur-Mumbai Samruddhi corridor will put Maharashtra 20 years ahead of rest of the nation. He was talking in detail about the various industrial policies initiated by the government.

He said this policy speaks about 20 smart industrial townships with direct connectivity to JNPT port. It will open up entirely a new facility for investors.
"Policy also speaks about industry 4.0, a fourth industrial revolution, that is going to change the face of the industry. We have also created a new opportunity for FinTech as Mumbai is a FinTech hub", he said.

"Policies created for marginalised people and special policy for women. Maharashtra is the first state to have an industrial policy for women", CM added.

Chief Minister concluded that Maharashtra is the number 1 state in the country and will remain as No.1  

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1 year(s) ago

My Blessings to Eknath Shinday to keep Maharashtra as the most forward State of India and that too without loan burden which many other states carry but try to hide from people. Reply


Garampani sanctuary is located at ?