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Wildlife Conservation

Wednesday,07 July 2021 11:04 PM IST

Mili Desai


The environmental balance can never be maintained without wildlife. Wildlife is a vital part of our ecosystem. It includes all animals and other organisms. The lives of the animals are in jeopardy because of their extinction in the world and they are to be saved. This Conservation of wildlife is very much necessary for humans to survive. Animals are our companions on earth gifted by the almighty himself and we have no right to destroy their habitats or kill them for our selfish purposes.

The destruction of wildlife is mainly caused by deforestation. As a result, we are losing both the trees and habitat, a natural dwelling place to most of the animals. The human population has been growing rapidly which means they need to consume more and more natural resources. This has endangered the species of animals. Additionally the climate change, the pollution, hunting , fishing and poaching has been threats to them.

There are many laws that the national and international governments and the United Nations have passed in the favor of wildlife conservation. Some of them like World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and the United Nations works to support animals globally. They also help with the legislation and write in favor of the conservation. They help saving the public land and national parks.

Biodiversity should also be promoted to preserve the existing species. We can be good humans by not demanding anything that involves the killing of any animal. We can try and avoid the usage of leather, ivory, wool or anything which uses the skin, meat, or any part of the body of these poor animals. Do your part of good and make your contribution count. Conserve the wildlife and save the life of the world.

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