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Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for March 22-28


This will be a favourable week for you on all fronts. You will be able to earn from multiple sources, and will get success according to your hard work. This period will be quite favourable for those who are in a relationship. Those looking for a suitable partner will be blessed. Your communication abilities will improve and you may have to undertake short-distance work-related journeys that would be beneficial. Students appearing for competitive examinations will achieve favourable results. You will be successful in maintaining an optimistic attitude which will help you overcome tough situations. If you work on your skills and experience, you will come out with flying colours. You will remain focused on your studies and will remain curious to learn new things.

Tip of the week: Polish your skills


This will be the week when you will see growth and success in your career. Any change in the workplace will come with good gains for you. Financially, this period will turn out to be favourable and investments made during this phase will turn out to be beneficial in the long run. For those involved in business, it is the right time to expand your product line. However, avoid taking short cuts for any reason, otherwise you may have to regret it later.Personally, your relationships will be pleasant as you will work towards keeping everyone happy. Your relationship with your father will also get better, and you can expect monetary support from him. Your children are likely to become a source of happiness during this time.

Tip of the week: Do not take short cuts


You will remain positive during this week which will reflect well on your health and overall well-being. You are likely to be spiritually inclined and experience spiritual bliss. Professionally, this period will be smooth and you would be able to manage the odds. Work-related travel would be beneficial and so would be a long-distance one. Your confidence will rise high, and you will be able to impress others by expressing your ideas and suggestions at the workplace. This is a favourable time to venture into a new business and introducing new initiatives. Those associated with import and export and foreign projects are likely to get success. On the personal front, you will develop strong bonding with everyone at home.

Tip of the week: Soak in spiritual bliss


This week you may face some ups and downs related to work. Due to this, you may feel low at times as your hard work may go unrewarded making you feel demotivated. Do not worry, as this phase will not last long and you will come back hard and strong. Keep a check on your words and think twice before speaking to avoid unnecessary issues. Healthwise, there could be some skin-related concerns. Avoid travelling as it can impact your health negatively. This period will be suitable for those who are working in the field of research or investigation. Personally, your communication skills and diplomatic behaviour will help you win the hearts of your loved ones. You are likely to receive some financial support from your in-laws.

Tip of the week: Stay motivated and cheerful


During this week, you will have good income and will work on multiple projects or deals. You will be able to complete previously pending work, due to which there is a strong possibility for career growth. Business partnerships will incur fruitful results and expansion of business is on the cards. However, avoid initiating new partnerships or projects at this time. This week could prove to be a bit challenging for married couples, hence take extra care of yours and your partner's health. It is advisable to be more expressive with your feelings and avoid ego and domination in the relationship. The advice and experience of your elders will prove to be helpful in improving your financial condition for the future.

Tip of the week: Be expressive in relationships


During this week, your expenses are likely to increase, which can add to your stress levels. A little carelessness could potentially put you in trouble, so be careful in managing your money outflow. On the career front, you will be able to get favourable results in your job, and your efforts will bring you closer to achieving the long-term goals. For some of you, a promotion is on the cards. Your opponents can put you in some trouble; hence it is advised not to get involved in any argument or fight with them. There could be some disagreement with your spouse due to inability to prioritise important tasks. Healthwise, you are advised to eat a balanced diet and practice regular meditation for reducing stress and anxiety.

Tip of the week: Stay vigilant in money matters


This week will turn out to be quite favourable for you. Your income is likely to increase and you will be able to execute your plans without much trouble. Those in business will be able to overcome their competitors and will be able to scale up profits. Personally, this week will be favourable for lovers; while those married may go on a trip. Financially, this period will turn out to be prosperous and you will be making a suitable investment as luck will be in your favour. Those of you working in creative fields will derive maximum gain during this period. You would be able to impress your superiors and your contribution will be acknowledged. Students will stay focused and perform well. Take care of your eyes and guard against chest infections.

Tip of the week: Maximize your efforts


This week you will receive new opportunities for career growth. You are likely to receive a new job offer with higher remuneration. It could involve re-locating or shifting to a new place, which will prove to be suitable in the long run. Stay away from speculative activities like lottery or gambling and instead trust your hard work and effort. Property-related transactions can give profit, so look around for suitable opportunities. The family environment will remain conducive and there can be a family get-together. For students, this period is reasonable as it will help them focus on their studies and perform well in examinations. Keep a check on your health as there may be sudden fluctuations in your happiness, creating some stress.

Tip of the week: Stay away from financial speculation


In terms of attaining fiscal and monetary benefits, this week would be better than usual. Some of you may get some sudden benefit from their spouses' family or ancestral property. Hence, make proper use of the opportunities knocking on your doors. You need to avoid being overcritical or expressing your opinion publicly to ensure a harmonious relationship with your loved ones. There will be an increase in your profit from partnership business. You will spend a blissful time with your siblings. You need to avoid making any kind of long-term investment. Some of you are likely to get a transfer or a good change in your job. However, you need to improve your relationship with your superiors and try to complete work as per the agreed deadline.

Tip of the week: Do not be too vocal about your opinions


This week you are advised to engage in all such activities which will make you relaxed. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind. Some of you may make a good investment with the help of friends and close ones. Those of you who are looking for a job after completing their studies can expect to receive a favourable opportunity. You will impress everyone with your intellect. Your luck and fortune will help you get the maximum benefit out of this period. Take care of your family members' health, especially your mother. Students preparing for competitive examinations can expect a favourable result. On the health front, take care of your diet. Avoid intake of fatty food and make sure to include workout in your daily routine.

Tip of the week: Look for mental peace


This week will be favourable for making fresh investments. If you are thinking of getting a new vehicle or house, then you will need to invest only after seeking proper advice. This is a good period as far as relationships are concerned. Your bonding with your loved ones will improve and you could celebrate some precious moments together. It is advisable to take proper care of your health as you may face some issues. Try to be more decisive and not take things carelessly. Keep a tab on your expenses to ensure you achieve your financial goals. The efforts of students will turn out to be favourable and they will be able to impress their teachers with their knowledge and skills. Your siblings could face some changes in their career.

Tip of the week: Be decisive


During this week, you could be inclined towards luxury and would want fancy things in life. There are high chances that you might go on a trip. You will establish contact with people of high importance, which will be beneficial in the long run. You will be able to accomplish your past work successfully at the workplace. You may be required to work on short deadlines. There are also indications for some misunderstanding with your spouse so deal calmly and politely with your partner. Be cautious and stay away from making any transactions relating to real estate. Religious pursuits can bring peace, so opt for it. Healthwise, there may be problems relating to the stomach. Those who are into export and import business will achieve favourable results.

Tip of the week: Look for religious pursuits


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