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Astrologer held for claiming COVID-19 cure

Friday,20 March 2020 05:08 AM IST

Varanasi, March 20  Sanjay Tiwari, a self-proclaimed astrologer who had been distributing pamphlets, carrying a magical verse that would cure one of COVID-19, has been arrested for spreading misinformation about the deadly virus.

Tiwari, a resident of Samneghat under Lanka police station, was arrested on Thursday evening. His arrest comes within a week of the arrest of a 'Corona Wale Baba' in Lucknow.

Tiwari's pamphlets claimed that his 'mantra' would get rid of coronavirus as well as prevent the infection.

The pamphlets, which also carry his mobile number, said that infected patients would be cured after reciting the mantra and others would be safe from the virus if they chant the same.

Pictures of the leaflets went viral on social media after which Lanka police swung into action.

Inspector (crime) Mohit Yadav said, "Tiwari was rounded up from his Samneghat residence and has been booked for disrupting public order."

The other 'Corona Wale Baba' was caught selling the virus cure for Rs 11. The 'baba', Ahmed Siddiqui from Wazirganj, had claimed that his talisman had the power to cure corona patients.


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