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Did astrology fail to identify Covid-19?

Friday,27 March 2020 07:02 AM IST

Thiruvananthapuram,  For many faithful Hindu's, a trip to an astrologer is a must to plan any event at the most auspicious time, -- be it marriages, house warming even last rites. Now it appears many of these professionals, failed to see the Covid-19 pandemic coming.

As of today if one takes a look into the major newspapers, there are numerous notices that come in a box wherein it states that so and so marriage that was planned for a particular day, has been postponed indefinitely, which clearly means that those who took the help of astrologers to fix the time of marriage, got it all wrong.

Despite all this, Kannur-based retired government servant M.K. Damodaran, a popular and active numerologist has on Friday come out with his prediction on Covid-19. He predicts India will emerge successful in the fight against coronavirus.

The reason is that the name Covid has an occult number 21. Thus, the 21-day lockdown is numerologically significant. Likewise, Covid- 19 has an occult number 4 and year 2020 adds up to 4, which also shows that there is perfect harmony and good for India.

The situation is such that, social media has been seeing a good number of trolls on this topic.

Covid-19 struck Kerala hard, with the country's first case getting registered in the state on January 30 and till date, the total number of positive cases reached 138, though 12 have recovered and over a lakh of people under observation in homes and hospitals.

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