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How smartphones have changed the definition of smart in last 10 years

Monday,26 April 2021 09:35 PM IST

Prasad Nair,

Mumbai, April 26

Perhaps three decades ago if someone were to say that man can walk and talk on phone, then you would have thought him to be mad. Yes, I’m talking about the 1980s and much of the 1990s when landline phones were the norm if one had to connect with a person, and then if he wasn’t available you had to leave the message with whoever took the phone.

Thereafter mobile phones entered the market in late 1990s when people could talk to one another while on the move and send text messages as well. Beginning early 2000s Reliance came with its Rs.500 connection and cellphone for free, which created a revolution and popularized hand-phones among masses. Everyone including the lower class and middle class started buying one.

Internet penetrated deeply and phone features also were upgraded from time to time. Nokia phones which once ruled the market didn’t shift to Android on time and Samsung forayed in and became the market leader. Social media entered individual lives in a big way in 2010s and suddenly everyone got a platform to exchange texts, videos, messages, share their opinions, pictures, and get connected, even with absolute strangers.

We have come a long way as today with a few taps on the touch screen we can book our tickets, access information, hire any kind of services and perform multiple tasks. From clicking to tapping things moved fast, especially with apps such as WhatsApp. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, bank transactions, and many more are done through phones.

Artificial intelligence has penetrated and even though it is still evolving it is already having a profound impact on many things that we do such as taking pictures or doing job interviews. We are moving towards an era where it is no longer about connecting people but of a starting point for something new. More and more features will definitely get added and smartphones have truly made man smart.

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