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Singer Dhvani Bhanushali: Tough to break the clutter

Friday,02 April 2021 12:56 PM IST

Mumbai, April 2

 Pop singer Dhvani Bhanushali, who recently launched her track "Radha", says it is challenging to stand out. However, the singer adds that it is important to do something different with every project.
"It's really tough to break the clutter and do something of your own. It also gives you a lot of power in terms of expressing yourself and standing apart from the herd. I have experienced this and I am really happy that people accept me the way I am with the content that I put out. I think Indian pop music has been evolving with time and I am glad that now people are ready to accept changes," she said.
She says that for her latest song, she tried to do something different.
"For example, recently, I tried to do a contemporary genre for my music video with no set narration. I had always wanted to push myself and step out of the box, so it is really a blessing that the audience has accepted the song with such open arms with constant appreciation pouring in from my fans," she says.
She adds that she loves the format of music videos and enjoys the process.
"Coming to the favourite part of the video, I think every process of making a video is amazing. Right from scratch, to the lyrics, to the final mixing and then busting it out as a final product on the big screen through the help of talented makers, it's just so exciting. A music video just does not belong to an artist, it is a joint team effort," she says.
Dhvani is known for her singles "Vaaste" and "Leja re".

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