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Garden in a concrete jungle

Sunday,18 September 2022 10:07 PM IST


Anupama Nair

From time immemorial, forests with lush green trees has always fascinated us. World over children grew up hearing tales of animals and men living near the forests. Unfortunately, with the passing of time and increase of technology man began to cut trees and lush green woods began to be a rarity. The result is for everyone to see. Deforestation is a silent killer. It is depleting our fresh oxygen and help in increasing the pollution.

Since we are living in a city and in a concrete jungle and if you love the greenery, this article will help you as I am going to write about tips to grow your own green space in your apartment. Do you have limited space, you should not worry as I believe space should not reduce the pleasure of gardening which is a stress buster these days.

I am now going to write about the benefits of gardening.

  • Outdoor gardening helps in boosting your immunity.
  • It increases your Vitamin D Level.
  • Gardening prevents insomnia
  • Gardening helps you fights pollution as you breathe clean air.
  • Gardening is a ‘mood-booster’.
  • ‘Horticulture therapy’ helps you fight addictions.
  • Gardening encourages you to go outdoors, interact with people, take care of your exercise and help in creating a greener environment.

Here are some tips for you to build a garden in the terrace or balcony of your apartment:

  • Choose the best spot.
  • Choose a spot near a source of water and where you get enough sunlight – not too much or nothing at all.
  • Use nutrient-rich and well-drained soil.
  • Choose plants according to your weather zone.
  • Always opt for mixed species of plants.
  • Use manure regularly for healthy plants.
  • Choose the pots wisely.
  • Automatic watering space is the best.
  • Add mulch (layer of material applied to the surface of soil).
  • Feed plants regularly.
  • Always remember amazing soil + top-notch plant food = super garden.

So, since winter is starting it is the best time to start your garden.

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