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Myths To Avoid for Weight Loss

Monday,21 June 2021 11:41 PM IST


Shazneen Mistry 


Whenever one starts a diet for weight loss or to improve their immunity, they  often follow myths that are not true, and in return, this harms their body and  they don’t achieve the result they would have wished for. This in turn reduces  their morals and their focus, this either leads to them quitting or stopping the  diet. 

Here are some of the tips for a healthy diet: 

1. Avoid skipping breakfast 

People often believe that skipping breakfast is ok and they would compensate  for it in their lunch, but that is not the way to do it.  

People need to understand is that breakfast is the most important part of the  meal because from dinner time to breakfast, one hasn’t eaten anything and then  to go on about one’s day without any food is just not healthy. 

2. Do not chose juice over water 

Many times, people prefer juice over water and that is not the healthy way. Yes,  juices are good for the body, but only the natural ones that do not have added  sugar and preservatives. Water keeps the body hydrated and also curbs one’s  food cravings. So, it is important to drink a lot of water and say no to canned  juices. 

3. Be low on carbs 

It is not necessary that when you go on diet you need to cut down carbs rather,  dieticians and doctors have said that the body needs proteins and carbs and, on a  diet, everything should be eaten in less quantity and not just one thing. 

4. Have a salad when you feel hungry 

It is often thought that when one goes on a diet the only thing to eat is a salad  and that is not true. When one eats only salad, they do not provide their body  with other vital nutrients, therefore one should explore other healthy food  options.  

E.g., Flaxseeds, chia seeds, fish, walnuts, or blueberries, these foods have a lot  of nutritious value and are rich with omega, iron, calcium that helps to improve  one's immunity as well as in fighting cholesterol.

 5. Avoid getting stressed 

While on a diet people are constantly worried about what to eat, how much to  eat, will it be health and many such questions. 

These questions in return stress them out and they start stress eating, thinking  that the diet won't help and they aren’t losing any weight. To avoid all this one  should simply not worry and keep eating healthy food, do some exercises, and  not get stressed out.

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28 day(s) ago

Informative!! Reply

Khushroo Bharda

1 month(s) ago

Excellent article!!! Reply

Mahernosh Deboo

1 month(s) ago

Good & Informative article. Healthy & Balanced diet while avoiding stress is key for weight loss. Thanks for sharing. Reply

Shenaz Deboo

1 month(s) ago

Nice and useful article. All the key points are explained well. Proportionate and a balanced diet with regular exercise is the best method for weight loss. Reply

Khushroo Pastakia

1 month(s) ago

What about Intermittent fasting Reply

Porus Pastakia

1 month(s) ago

Very well explained.. stress is one of the biggest contributor to weight gain in many individuals.. am glad that was pointed out. Reply

Fiona Victor

1 month(s) ago

There are so many times that I have tried and failed continuously to lose weight. Thanks for the tips. This is the best article that I have come across. #Awesome #guiltfreeEating Reply


1 month(s) ago

Completely agree with your positive approach. One should live a balanced lifestyle, which helps the mental & physical parts of our body. Keep up the good work. Reply

Pinky Batha

1 month(s) ago

Fully endorse yr views ..eat local, seasonal n in restricted quantities to fulfill yr diet goals..very well expressed..keep it up! Reply

Malcolm Mistry

1 month(s) ago

Good helpful article for those who take lots of stress while dieting. It's well explained in very simple words.... "While on diet, one should not take stress & eat healthy".... Reply


1 month(s) ago

Quite informative. Thanks for sharing. Reply


1 month(s) ago

Totally agree! A Healthy Mind and a Balanced Diet with adequate Exercise for a Healthy Body is the key to Happiness. Reply


1 month(s) ago

Very well written Agree with the point of not skipping breakfast Well done shazneen Reply


1 month(s) ago

Very well explained Agree with not skipping breakfast. Good job shazneen. Reply

Geetha Nair

1 month(s) ago

Completely agree. Well written. There are people who go on no carbs diet for instant weight loss still and I hope this article helps those people Reply

Navaz Kshirsagar

1 month(s) ago

So well explained by Shazneen. Yes breakfast is a must. One can have a bowl of fruits to keep light but energy needs to be high. Reply

Navaz Kshirsagar

1 month(s) ago

So truly said, these myths of skipping breakfast does not help to reduce. One must go for fruits or healthy stuff that keeps your energy up. Very informative. Reply


1 month(s) ago

Good tips, thanks for sharing! Reply

Freny K

1 month(s) ago

Well written and useful information. Generally it is known to all but rarely followed and articles like this are reminders of what we miss in our routines. Reply


1 month(s) ago

Very nice and knowledgeable article ???? Reply


1 month(s) ago

Nice article. Reply

Chaitali Makam

1 month(s) ago

Yes even i follow the same. Proper information shared by you shazneen.? Reply

Kashmir Patel

1 month(s) ago

Very informative. Thank you for sharing. Reply


1 month(s) ago

Extremely insightful and well crafted Reply


1 month(s) ago

The article is very insightful and well curated. Enjoyed reading it Reply


1 month(s) ago

Helped out a lot ! Reply


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