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Balattan leaves behind legions of admirers

Tuesday,12 October 2021 04:05 PM IST

An accomplished leader with a humane face, Balakrishnan Nair Parambathu played a pivotal role in moulding and mentoring many successful careers in Calicut for more than half a century. His passing at age 93, on the 12th of September 2021, leaves a void that is very difficult to fill.

Scion of the famed Valiyaveetil Tharavadu, the nonagenarian was a highly respected figure whose knowledge, insight and helping nature benefited people from all levels of society. Fondly called “Balattan” he was the legendary elder brother to scores of townspeople, always willing to lend a patient ear and proffer solutions to vexed problems.

Balattan was a teacher par excellence who towered over the educational and social scene for decades. His uncanny ability to feel the pulse of students, their parents and fellow tutors were unmatched. After retiring as the Headmaster of Punnassery AUP School on the outskirts of Calicut, the indefatigable Balattan was one of the Trustees of Higher Secondary School Punnassery Kuttumboor.

“We will miss your wise counsel,” wailed Shri. Rajendran Thannikundummal who is chairman of Nanminda Rural Bank and District General Secretary of congress party, Kozhikode, “You will always remain in our heart.”

Owner of a multi-faceted personality, what made Balattan so special was his selfless service and inborn talents of leadership and pragmatism. He delegated authority to ensure speedy and effective decision-making. His affable character endeared him to anyone who met him. There was never any malice in his demeanour.

As Director of Nanminda Rural Co-op Bank, he was instrumental in uplifting poverty by helping marginal farmers and artisans. His laudable motto was: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Doubtlessly, his demise has orphaned legions of admirers.

Balattan is survived by his wife Vasumathi Amma, three sons, Venu, Satheesh and Vinod, and daughter-in-law Rita, Bindu Krishna and Sheeja, and (Grandchildren) Nithin, Dr.Anand, Gokul, Vishnu.

Sasi Nair.

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4 day(s) ago

A great personality.???????????? Reply

Bindu Nair

4 day(s) ago

I wish that if all understands and follow Balettan's motto then this world will be so beautiful Reply


8 day(s) ago

He was a wonderful man. A great teacher, good volleyball player. He was so humble with everyone. May his soul rest in peace ???? Reply

Anuradha Nashikkar

8 day(s) ago

Balattan was fatherly figure for us. He is still with us in the form of memories. I pray for salvation Reply

Sunil waghmare

8 day(s) ago

You will always remain in our heart for your good work we are proud Reply


8 day(s) ago

Really great man.. Reply

Jibu James

8 day(s) ago

What a great and purposeful life . Thanks to Mediaeyenews for sharing Balattan’s inspiring story so eloquently. Such stories will always leave the reader in a reflective state , wanting to strive to be a better person. Mediaeyenews surely stands for true journalism that brings about a progressive social change. Power to you ! Reply

Shekhar Nashikkar

8 day(s) ago

He was the man of principle with loving & caring nature Reply


8 day(s) ago

Balattan was a truly wonderful man who will live on in our memories forever.The kind, Selfless nature of Balattan made him a joy to be around.OM SHANTI OM! Sugatha sasi Nair. Reply

Ravindranathan Poliyedath

8 day(s) ago

A person lives in heart of people for what he gave to others and the world. It can be knowledgeable, advice, console, comfort or support at right time. Balattan will remain in our hearts forever. Even God will not like to remain away from good people. Reply

Anupama Nair

8 day(s) ago

Great person. Reply

Rajeswari Nair

8 day(s) ago

His smiling face and sweet words always remain in our hearts Reply

Adish A

8 day(s) ago

Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts. Reply

Manoj Menavan

8 day(s) ago

Great man with a character others can learn. There are such extraordinary people born to shape up others life and character; a kind of initiation to students which enable them to choose a right and noble path in life. No wonder almighty gave him a healthy and long life. Thank you Sasi Nair to chose and highlighted such a Gem. Lets pray for his Mukti and Moksha ???? Reply

Divya V

8 day(s) ago

Great personality! His memories will cherish within us! Reply


8 day(s) ago

Our Balauncle !...Continues to rest in God’s bosom! Reply

Rajeshwari Rajan Panicker

8 day(s) ago

May his memory be eternal Reply

Rahul Rajan Panicker

8 day(s) ago

A great personality with a kind heart. Reply


8 day(s) ago

Really, a great personality. His guidances/ leadership routed us in right path. His Legendry personality will remain alive on us. Reply

Gangadharan Nair

8 day(s) ago

Excellent Sashi.He was the legend who put all of us to the right path. He will ever remain in our heart and thousands of disciplies he taught Reply


8 day(s) ago

Thank you very much sasi Nair for this excellent article about my beloved father Reply


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